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Max was born in Reggio Emilia on 30.07.1970 and have lived in Carpi (Modena – in the north part of Italy) ever since he was a child. Now he’s a World Citizen!

Professional Career:

His career started in 1989 and up to 2019 he has worked with some of the most famous Italian and foreign singers, arrangers, producers and musicians. Some of them are famous all over the world: Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Adriano Celentano, Nek, Biagio Antonacci, Ricchi e Poveri, Il Volo, Marco Masini, Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Vasco Rossi, Gianni Morandi, Loredana Bertè and many many others!,

His job is more than “just” a Guitar Player: composer, arranger, Artist producer and Director, sound engineer, renowned educator.

With NEK, as composer, arranger and artistic producer: NEK’s most famous album “LEI, GLI AMICI E TUTTO IL RESTO” reached the top of music charts – also thanks to the song “LAURA NON C’È” presented at S. Remo Festival, awarded with 7 platinum records in Italy and many other abroad, in many Countries, also receiving the EC Award for 1.000.000 copies sold in Europe (about 7.000.000 all over the world – “Laura No Està”). After that the success keeps on with “IN DUE”, “LA VITA E’” and the other LPs. While recording “la vita è” (nek – warner – 2000), was a big honor for Massimo arranging strings and recording them with the London Session Orchestra at Abbey Road – LONDON.
In that record Massimo was also the Artistic Producer, composer and musician.

In 2010 Max produced the Musical “Casanova, Amori e Inganni a Venezia” for Monsieur Pierre Cardin who is the Executive Producer. The Musical did the first show in Venezia (Venice) in Piazza San Marco, then touring in France and Russia.
In august 2013 Max Produced the Musica “Amleto Dramma Musicale” for Monsieur Pierre Cardin. Both Musicals are written by Daniele Martini and Max is his Publisher.

In 2010 MV received the Award as the “n.1 in the Charts” for the instructional products; almost every year, since 2007, Max’s educational publication are at the top of the charts! As normal “average” Massimo’s books are in the first 6 places of the selling charts of the educational books!
In 2013 MV realized his first international guitar course for Truefire in 2014 (Maj) the second course will be released by Truefire (Acoustic Rock Rhythm Factory).
Other two courses released in 2015: Motifs (rhythm and solo), Motifs series is an educational series with only 3 teacher: Max, and two Legends of the guitar: Larry Carlton and Robben Ford.

In 2015 Max launches his unique E-Learning platform: Laboratorio Musicale Varini.

On Youtube Channel Max’s videos reached more than 30.000.000 (thirty millions) of views!
On Facebook more than 82.000 followers!

… in deep
It’s difficult to summarize everything that Max made up!
He had many different experiences as guitarist/actor in TV serial, as sound technician and programmer in various recording studios, as session man with the most famous Italian and foreign singers. He also had several live tour experiences with various artists (in Italy and abroad) and TV ones (Festival di SanRemo, Festivalbar, Vota la Voce, Roxy Bar, Segnali di Fumo, Guitar Game, and abroad: Top of the Pops, Don’t Forget your Toothbrush etc. etc.).
As a Producer/Arranger He won the “Festival di SanRemo” in 2008 with “Colpo di Fulmine” (Gianna Nannini – Lola Ponce – Gio Di Tonno).

During Summer 2002 in Nek & Laura Pausini hit single “Sei Solo Tu”, the most played single, his guitars were incredibile appreciated in Italy and abroad.
From 2003 He has been Artistic Director of “Sanremo Rock Festival & Trend”, of which he managed also the TV artistic direction. In 2005 Max produced 3 songs for ZECCHINO D’ORO (Antoniano – Bologna – on RAI1)… in the charts:
first, second and fifth!!! and he did the Same for 3 years!

2006 february, Laura Pausini won the GRAMMY AWARD for the best Latin Album: Max played acoustic and electric guitars in every song.
Since 1994, every year… each year… I have been playing guitars in most albums that hit international and italian music charts!
after 18 years the success doesn’t stop!

Massimo’s guitars were at the 1st place of the Charts many times with:

Writing and Teaching activity:
Since ’95 Max has been co-operating with various sector specific magazines;
In 1997 he started his INSTRUCTIONAL PRODUCTION! (DVD, Books etc)
Since 1997 ‘til now all his educational products still the most popular and selled in Italy…
Max’s guitar lesson on Youtube are the most played!

SOLO Career

Acoustic Albums: MY SIDES (2009), ANACRUSIS (2011)URBAN GUITAR (2012), RELAX AND SLEEP AT 432 Hz  (2014), ROMANTICAMENTE (2016). Electric Albums:  PROGETTO FUSIONE (1994)PROGETTO FUSIONE 2 – La Vendemmia (1996), MASSIMO VARINI TRIO (2002).

Special Performances at Exhibitions.
Since 1990 Max has been demonstrator for best guitar and amplifier brands (ex. Marshall, Mesa-Boogie, Brunetti, Rocktron, Hamer, Cort, Larrivèe, etc.) at the most important Italian musical exhibitions, which has contributed to make specialised magazines deserve him a particular attention; in 2006 PRS PAUL REED SMITH made a special Signature Guitar for Max; same thing happened in 2007: MARTIN, the most important and popular brand of Acoustic Guitar made a Signature for Massimo Varini!
Since 2009 Max started a cooperation with the Historic Italian Brand named EKO. They build a series called “MIA”: acoustic and hollow body guitars made by my Max’s ideas!!!
In 2012 Eko asked Max to become “Eko Project Leader” and Max re-designed ALL the EKO Catalog!

Curiosity and numbers:
In the early months of 2019 Massimo Varini’s name appears in:
OVER than 48.000.000 (forty eight million records)
(for “records” mean CD, LP, music tapes, single CDs, compilation and videos)
few examples: as guitar player with B. Antonacci – over 1.000.000 records; with Nek in over 5.000.000 records; with A. Bocelli in over 19.000.000 records; with Mina and Mina & Celentano and Celentano in over 3.000.000 records, Laura Pausini more than 4 million!… etc. etc. thanks also to the activity as player, arranger, author, and art. producer.

YOUTUBE: more than 30.000.000 of viewing of videos: n. 1 for Italian Musician
FACEBOOK: one of the most followed musician in Italy

MaxVarini APP for iPhone
In 2011 Max launched his App in App Store (iTunes) and reach the 1st place! After some months the App still at 2nd place!

In 2016 Max launched his App BPM+ a metronome that spins! used for study and develop speed on guitar.